Rob Borcich

Rob Borcich


Mendocino Pacific Realty is owed and brokered by Rob Borcich.

Rob and his family have really lived the history of the Mendocino Coast beginning with his great grandfather, who came from Croatia to Fort Bragg as a young man to work on extending the railroads from the local mill. Rob himself has seen extensive changes in the Mendocino Coast during his life. About the time he graduated from Fort Bragg High School, in the late 1960s, hundreds of hippies began arriving from San Francisco, transforming the rundown logging town of Mendocino into an artists’ colony. Of course, since then, the Mendocino Coast has further changed and today is a world class getaway destination with its charming New England architecture, stunning and inspiring scenery, plus the best in restaurants, accommodation and boutique shopping.

After high school, Rob attended the University of California at Santa Cruz when it was a newly emerging campus of only 2000 students and then, like many young people of the era, Rob hit the road in the 1970s playing in rock and roll bands. During this time, Rob started his own business, the R&B (rhythm and blues) Painters Co, which he sold in 2015 to a 25 year manager for $1. In 1978, Rob managed to scrape together enough money to buy his first home for his young family for $20,000 in Fort Bragg.

Throughout his career Rob has always kept his hand in local politics, business and community issues while forging a successful corporate career in the emerging clean energy industry and then moved on to start his own energy conservation company called Syner-Gen in Albuquerque.

Rob’s community ventures include years of coaching youth sports, including junior varsity boys’ basketball in the 1990s. He has fought for affordable housing and donated his entire $27,000 commision to Habitat for Humanity to help enable them to purchase a multi-family parcel. He was instrumental in the permitting process for the construction of the new kidney dialysis center, which allows coastal residents to avoid a three day a week drive to Ukiah for medical treatment. He was a memeber of the Fort Bragg Planning Commision during the two year process of writing the current Fort Bragg Land Use Development Code (LUDC).

Now, as owner and broker of Mendocino Pacific Realty, Rob has a chance to share with you his extensive knowledge of the local market and his expertise in city and county planning. This is all backed by cutting edge technology and marketing strategies, which are essential in today’s global and virtual market places. Rob not only understands the needs of this diverse community as a whole but also the individuals who live here – the loggers, musicians, artists, business owners, families with children, local progressives, conservative old guard and the many travelers who, once they see our area, just can’t wait to move here. Rob respects the fair housing laws whether selling, showing or listing property. Stop by and find out what Rob and his team can do to help with your real estate matters.